Monday, July 25, 2005

The view from the backdoor

The temperature hit 100 F here this week and all my northern neighbors who are used to slightly cooler temperatures are dropping like flies. I was going through all the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of pictures that we've taken in the past year and found a couple of pictures that show the variations we get up here in Indiana.

Here's the view this week:

And here's the view at thanksgiving.

A day at the beach in Indiana: we get a great view of the corn. Posted by Picasa

Mom and Madelyn take a little dip. Madelyn, surrounded by water, becomes fascinated with a bottle full of it. Posted by Picasa

Dad and Madelyn at their Indiana beach. Posted by Picasa

"Everything looks good in this cabinet." Posted by Picasa

The bathing beauty in her environment Posted by Picasa

While her parents thought that they had put Madelyn down for a nap, Madelyn shows that they've really only put her in her newest jungle gym. Posted by Picasa

"I don't like this show, let's see what else is on." Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

Mom shows how she washes dishes. Madelyn shows how she helps. Posted by Picasa

"There's something in this cabinet I want, I just know it." Posted by Picasa

Madelyn's newest hobby: Checking the coffee table for new things that she shouldn't play with Posted by Picasa

Madelyn at midnight: Deep asleep, Madelyn finds the most comfortable position possible. Incidentally, this position is also completely sideways in the crib. Posted by Picasa

Madelyn demonstrates her Paddy-cake proficiency Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Happy Birthday, Grandma King!!" Posted by Picasa

Madelyn says, "Give us just five more minutes." Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Why is Dad always pointing that silver box at me?" Posted by Picasa

"Ummmm, Mom? How good a grip do you have on me?" Posted by Picasa
No new pictures to post today, so I thought that I'd dip into the archives a bit and put up a few pictures that we have "laying about" on the computer.

Here we see Madelyn at Halloween being tortured by her Mom, who has her dressed for ridicule in a pumpkin outfit. Madelyn is not happy about this at all.

In this picture, Madelyn and Dad, the great debaters argue over the relative merits of early bedtimes.

Harry the hippo stares down Dad after a hard day.

"Who the hell is that, and what is he doing here?" Madelyn makes early notes on Dad as Grandma helps her get a better view.

Grandma King assures Madelyn that she is gearing up to do some serious spoiling.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why settle for just one stuffed friend when you can have two? Posted by Picasa

Just what every girl needs: a bear as big as she is. Posted by Picasa

The mighty bear vanquished, Madelyn laughs at the simplicity of her foe and demands the minivan's finest meats and cheeses be brought to her. Posted by Picasa

On the ride home Madleyn grapples with a stuffed dog and a stuffed bear locked in mortal combat. Posted by Picasa

A view from the top: Chicago's finest look down upon the masses and decide their pitiful fates as they soak in a game of baseball. Not really, actually we sat in the box and sampled as much free food as we could. Posted by Picasa

My view from the 'box at Comiskey Park (U.S. Cellular Field). Posted by Picasa