Monday, July 28, 2008

Here are a few more pics I forgot to add. Enjoy.....I can't believe how big my babies are getting.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

HEY ALL!!! Finally I've posted pics to our blog. I can't believe it's almost been 4 months since I've posted anything. I lost the the usb cord to my camera, so I couldn't download any pics. I finally got around to buying a card reader today.

Well, summer is moving right along here in Texas. It's been hot. We've spent a lot of our days at the pool. The girls have gone from being afraid of the water to wearing the floaties and swimming without us holding on to them. Then yesterday, Maddy went in without her floaties and is starting to actually swim by herself. Olivia likes to keep her floaties on and just lay back and float around. Also, you might have noticed a dog in a few of the pics, yep.....we got a black lab in May. Belle is the newest addition to our house. She is now way bigger then in these pics. More of her to follow. The girls love her and she is turning out to be a really good dog. She has mellowed out quite a bit. She is so good with the girls. She has lots of patience with them. They sometimes aren't so gentle with her, but she loves them. She will actually go and cry in front of their bedroom door in morning. She likes to play.

More big news around here is that both girls will be going to preschool starting Sept. 2nd. I was only going to send Maddy, but I really think Olivia is really to go too. It's Tues. and Thurs. So it will be just the right amount of time for them to be away from home. And to be honest, I'm looking forward too. I'm excited for them to go and make friends and have fun and learn. But, I'm also looking forward to some of my own time that I really haven't had in almost 4 years. I'm excited to go grocery shopping by!

Well, I promise more to follow and on a regular basis. I am going to be blogging at least once a week. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for following our family on our blog.