Saturday, September 29, 2007

A few recent pics

"I'm ready for my close-up."

"Holy crap! Flying marketing!!!"

Our Family Portrait: barefoot and all

Erin and Olivia after a long day

Madelyn's Big Number 3

We were in scenic Woodstock, Illinois last weekend; the site of such historic events as the filming of Groundhog Day, Jake and Erin's wedding, assorted nativity scene thefts, and, of course, Dick Tracy Days. We found ourselves back in what I consider to be the cradle of modern society for yet another monumental occasion: Madelyn's third birthday party.

We were glad to have so many friends and family gathered together for the party. All of Erin's family was there and a few delegates from the Bice clan made their way up from Texas as well. Both Madelyn and Olivia went nuts over her SpongeBob cake, and all the kids at the party made specific requests for various parts of SpongeBob's anatomy...and Aunt Sarah made sure to get her NC-17 request in too.

Madelyn and her cake

Madelyn extiguishes SpongeBob

Madelyn and her Snow White dolly: a modern day Pinkie and the Brain

...and after you finish eating you can use the cake to clean-up household spills...

Olivia "Cat Lady" Bice takes her kitty on a tour of the playground equipment

Sunday, September 09, 2007

View from St Louis

Greetings few and far between readers...

Life continues on here in St Louis. I've somewhat adjusted to not sleeping at night and staring at lots of rust during working hours. On the plus side, however, we do have a pretty nice view from our apartment here.