Monday, September 26, 2005

"What? Is there something in my teeth?" Posted by Picasa

Mmmmmmm...the pink kind of frosting is the best kind. Posted by Picasa

A half minute later and Madelyn is covered. Posted by Picasa

"...but Mom you left it right in front of me..." Posted by Picasa

Emboldened by the lack of organized response to her earlier forays into the frosting foolishly left in front of her by her parents, Madelyn packs as much cake into her mouth as possible. Posted by Picasa

The first taste of sweet delicious frosting. Posted by Picasa

Luke provides some assistance with all the present unwrapping. Posted by Picasa

Grandma Bice whispers some words of wisdom: "Pass me the cake". Posted by Picasa

Grandma King closes her eyes in approval of her granddaughter. Posted by Picasa

Madelyn attemps to escape the masses during present opening to sit with Dad. Posted by Picasa

Madelyn soaks in a round of the birthday song from atop Dad's head Posted by Picasa

Dad and the birthday girl Posted by Picasa

Madelyn's 1st Birthday cake Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another Crazy Week

Well, Madelyn is now officially one, and she celebrated by staying up a little later than usual and pulling out all the tupperware in the kitchen. Little does she know that her party is looming ahead this weekend, so there will be plenty of pictures to come.

Naturally, all the news in the family this week is the hurricane Rita's imminent arrival in the Houston area this Saturday. I spent a part of yesterday contacting Mom, Dad and Sarah and making sure people are taking precautions, etc. Having said that, the Indiana Bice compound (or Bice Northern Command, as I call it) is open and welcome to anyone who needs it. It's all a part of my plan to see how many people can coexist in an apartment designed for two people at best. Having said that, everyone seems safe right now; Mom is on vacation in Wisconsin, Sarah and Chris are headed for Palestine, TX, and Dad is on a trip and is not in the Houston area. We hope everyone stays safe and the trees all decide to stay upright.

On another note, we managed to send my cell phone through the washing machine this past weekend. While I was able to put a few numbers back into the new phone (the very few I know from memory) I am missing the vast majority of people's numbers. The good news is that my number has not changed, so if you call me I can add you back into my stable of contacts. Of course, if you've grown tired of the occasional 2 A.M. phone call from me after a night out on the town, you may opt to not call me. We leave that decision to you, dear reader.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Madelyn does some practice walking. Posted by Picasa

Maddie and Daddy Posted by Picasa

Madelyn reaches for the stars, while Mom looks on skeptically. Posted by Picasa

"Can I get a high five here? Don't leave me hangin' Mom". Posted by Picasa

This is the look of trouble in action. Posted by Picasa

This is the world's heaviest remote. Posted by Picasa

Just lounging around in her shirt and her sandals with Mom's pick. Posted by Picasa

The Madelbug shows off her antennae. Posted by Picasa

Classic scenes of childhood: A girl and her remote. Posted by Picasa

Can you believe that she got this messy just chewing on her finger? Posted by Picasa

"What? Me? Messy!?" Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

"The Madelbug and her belly button are ready four their close-up, Mom". Posted by Picasa