Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Blogging Disease Spreads

More of our friends and family have developed their own family blogs to ease the voyeuristic needs of their far-scattered admirers. We're pleased to annouce that my brother-in-law Mike and his clan have made their own blog, and my former roommate Dave and his wife Katie have gotten their blog up and running. I've added the links in our link section or you can click below to see for yourself.

  • Attack of the Freemans!!

  • Dave + Katie: Breeding in Hawaii

  • Madelyn hams it up during lunch. Posted by Picasa

    Dad and his little girls Posted by Picasa

    Madelyn struts her stuff in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Posted by Picasa

    Dad and his little girls. Posted by Picasa

    Dad and his little girls Posted by Picasa

    Madelyn and a new hair accessory. Posted by Picasa

    Madelyn and another delicious mess-in-the-making. Posted by Picasa

    Madelyn and her new amproved super-antennae Posted by Picasa

    Olivia shows off her new chair. Posted by Picasa

    Madelyn Leta: the messmaker Posted by Picasa

    The dynamic duo in action Posted by Picasa

    Olivia shows that she can do more than just cry. Posted by Picasa

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    The heat went out in the middle of the night, so Madelyn gets bundled up the next morning to take in her Baby Einstein. Posted by Picasa

    Madelyn comes in for a closer look. Posted by Picasa

    "No, no, no, Dad. You're going about that all wrong." Posted by Picasa

    Grandma Bice engages in some grandbaby management. Posted by Picasa

    Olivia consults with Grandma on why she has to share this couch with her construction-inclined sister. Posted by Picasa

    What are little sisters for? All together now: headrests. Posted by Picasa

    Madelyn consults with Dad on why she has to share her couch with a narcoleptic midget. Posted by Picasa

    A rare moment of consciousness interupts an otherwise normal day of heavy slumber. Posted by Picasa

    Olivia demonstrates her main area of expertise. Posted by Picasa

    Frustrated again. A cunningly placed child lock is all that stands between Madelyn and button mashing nirvana. Posted by Picasa