Friday, February 22, 2008

Park it

Olivia turns 2

Princesses gone wild

At long last...

A new post!

I don't know if we've been getting lazy here in the Bice household (probably) or if my wack-a-doo schedule is propagating a ripple effect through all aspects of my family life (possibly), but we have been exceptionally lax in the posting department. It's not that we haven't been taking pictures (we have) or that nothing has been going on (when has that ever stopped us?) but the act of sitting down and getting pictures off the camera and online for everyone to devour and wallow around in has seemed like a bit too much lately.

I was just looking and the last pictures that Erin posted were circa Halloween. Since that time we've had Christmas and a birthday (hooray, Olivia--you're 2 and intent on destroying all that you touch). We've also moved to yet another apartment here in St Louis, experienced our first big snowstorm here and had visits from all grandparents.

Madelyn has also begun preschool. This has been an interesting experience in its own right. Although I know she's learning her letters and numbers, according to her all I'm sending her there to do is to "play":

"Madelyn, what did you do at school today?"
"I played."
"Yes, did you learn anything? Any letters or numbers?"
"No. I played."

Hooray! Education triumphs again! In actuality, she has begun trying to write her name and seems very interested in learning how to read. Olivia, of course, wants to do only that which her big sister does and constantly tells us that she wants to go to "her school". Nothing is more entertaining than the days when Olivia gets to visit Madelyn's class (valentine's day party and Daddy reading to the class). From the moment we come into the class room, our two little girls are inseparable from each other. It really is funny that despite the seemingly constant bickering at home over whose princess is whose, once released into the outside world, our two girls cling to each other.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling. Life is still good in St Louis and we probably have another month and a half before we get to return to Houston. We've been hearing that several of our friends are at Purdue are taking jobs there, so we may be coming back to a town suddenly full of people that we know. How crazy.